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About Chili Chili Bang Bang


Twelve years ago, in the Hill Country of South Texas, I walked into a quaint cafe that was known for their award-winning chili.  It was a brisk day by Texan standards, and I couldn't wait to try the chili!  Out it came, steaming hot served with melted cheese, sour cream and a side of little green things.  Those little green things turned into an infatuation of mine, Candied Jalapeno's!  Once I returned home to Nova Scotia a couple of years later, I didn't have access to them anymore and being a guy who loves spending time in the kitchen, I decided to learn how to make them myself.  This was over 10 years ago and every year for 10 years, my friends and family urged me to sell them.  Well, after COVID had its way with my two existing small business and everything looked all but sunk, I decided to fight back!  After tons of researching and paperwork, my passion project was officially turned into a business and Chili Chili Bang Bang - Candied Chili Peppers was born! 

We are Eastern Canada's FIRST & ONLY Candied Chili Pepper company! Our unique little sweet & fiery rings compliment SO many dishes!  Try them on/with: 

  1. Crackers and Cream Cheese
  2. Pretzels and Boursin Cheese
  3. Nachos
  4. Pizza and Garlic Fingers
  5. Bagel and Cream cheese with Smoked Salmon
  6. On your scrambled eggs
  7. Sandwiches
  8. As a Chili topper

These are only but a FEW of the ways to enjoy our Candied Chili's! Send us your favourite recipe/topper ideas! 


What peole are saying

Really really good! I eat them with every meal

Brian Murphy

So glad I discovered these! Addictive and delicious. Owner told me there is some HOT stuff coming. Sign me up!

D'arcy Jackson

So delicious! Was hoping they'd be a little hotter but I was told by the owner that he has two varieties coming that are going to be hotter. Still very delicious!!

Leslie Maccallum

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Lucille Lynch

04 August 2021

04 August


OMSCH (oh my sweet chili heaven!!) I was so fortunate to receive a care package from my brother in Halifax, consisting of both drizzles and both of the candied ...
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Maria LeBlanc-Wiswell

29 January 2021

29 January


Candied jalepeños are every thing you'd expect and more!! So so good!

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