About Us

Chili Chili Bang Bang, Candied Jalapeño's & Drizzles, Jarrett Doucette is  passionate about food and has spent much of his life working at his culinary craft in Kitchens, Restaurants, Food Trucks and Pop-Up Food Festival Tents both in the US and Canada honing his skills. Its known that Jarrett has a passion for Spicy Condiments and the Sweet and Spicy flavour they bring harking back to his time spent in Texas.  
Since his return to Canada, Jarrett recognized that there is something missing as it relates to hot and spicy that simply needs fixin!
The Problem:
Ever since Chili Pepper magazine was founded in 1990, the hot sauce and hot
pepper niche of the market has enjoyed exponential growth through a loyal and ever growing following. In 2021, having hot sauce in a refrigerator is as expected as having ketchup. 
As this niche became more saturated, hot sauce and hot pepper companies had to find new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves to their growing number of customers. In many regards, this manifested itself as a race to make sauces hotter and hotter. While this has given rise to a small but dedicated group of customers and even contests, the average consumer does not want or need a garnish and sauce that is made from a genetically engineered pepper that will completely overwhelm the palate of the consumer. The idea that a hot garnish should enhance the flavour of the food it is applied to has been, in some ways, lost along the way.      
The Known:
People like heat.  That percentage of people that like heat has grown rapidly over the last 10 years and has created a cultural phenomenon.  Currently the main vessel for people to add heat to their food is through the application of hot sauce.  Although hot sauce is delicious, it is not always the best application.  Adding hot sauces to burgers and sandwiches or anything handheld is messy.
The Solution, "Condiment Fusion"
Candied Jalapenos/Peppers are long known through the southern United States as "Cowboy Candy", which fuses the population's desire for a spicy and sweet kick to their meals while eliminating the discomfort that comes with overly hot sauces that are commonplace in the market.   
After 10 years of family and friends urging him to bring to market his unique condiment fusion recipe he finally agreed and created start-up brand,  "Chili Chili Bang Bang", (a play on words for those who've been around a spell) to follow his passion. 
His Spicy Sweet Heat Savory condiment recipes are lovingly made near the cheerful community of Seabright, Nova Scotia where he now resides with his family.
Jarrett sums it up this way, "Our product gives the heat that people are looking for but also with an addictively delicious flavor.  By using fresh jalapenos and cutting them into rings, we have created the ultimate spicy condiment in a solid form that can be added to anything, anywhere, without creating a dribbling mess, and if you still like making a mess, check out our Sweet Heat Original And Inferno Drizzle Hot Sauce!"


Chili Chili Bang Bang is Canada's only Large Scale Manufacturer of Candied Jalapeños. 

Hope you enjoy our Sweet & Spicy Fusion Sensation!